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Vanderweil Takes Time to Give Back

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By Vanderweil Engineers
May 30, 2018

Patrick Murphy, Lauren DiPietro, Bill Brady, Kathrine Schwartz, Emily Bogert, Carol Chen, and Cynthia Lewandowski dedicated their evening to giving back to the Boston community on Wednesday, May 30th. The group of volunteers spent their evening chopping, peeling and processing produce, sealing and labeling meals, portioning soups, salads and snacks, packing bags, and assembling meals.

Community Servings is a nonprofit food and nutrition organization, that provides services throughout Massachusetts to individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses. The organization depends heavily on volunteers, like the Vanderweil team, to help with the food preparation and delivery of healthy meals to those in need. It is Community Servings belief that healthy food can serve as powerful medicine to those who are ill.

This is the second time that Vanderweil employees have volunteered their time at this organization and we look forward to continuing to work with Community Servings in the future.

Keep up the good work!