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RGV360: A New and Innovative Approach to Post Occupancy Review

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By Julia Rogers
May 4, 2016

BOSTON, Massachusetts — RGV360 is a comprehensive approach to sustainable engineering that incorporates, anticipates, and evaluates design solutions from conception of the project through a building project’s operational life. The program is led by Sustainable Design Practice Leader, Julia Rogers and Chad Wisler. The goal for the program is to verify understand how our design in use, including: comfort and use energy, use patterns and maintenance, and to establish trust and familiarity among our design partners and clients.

RGV360 is a process that re-introduces Vanderweil and our services to a client and owner with a drawing review, on-site walk-through, and a thorough post-occupancy questionnaire/interview to evaluate the experience of the building 1-3 years after completion. The record of the questionnaire and interview is recorded on a new web-app an published directly to database and email for efficiency. RGV360 has published initial reports, shared internally, as well as with architectural partners and owners.

By addressing the owner’s long-term operational goals at the beginning of a project, Vanderweil can improve the integrity of our design and the relationship with architects, owners, and contractors with whom we partner. As a new program- unique among engineering firms- RGV360 shows a thorough commitment through the end of our projects. RGV360 will establish sustainable relationships with clients, owners, and future design partners. The intent is to establish sustainable relationships with clients, owners, and future design partners.

RGV360 has conducted 4 pilot projects and includes another three-four this year, including in Boston, Washington DC, Miami and, New York.

Holistically, the RGV360 Program encompasses:
•  Feedback on the operation of our system design
•  Feedback on specific equipment procured to influence future specifications
•  Feedback on actual versus design values to affect our future design
•  Feedback on occupant comfort and ‘general’ impression of the spaces and our supporting design
•  Feedback on maintainability, access, and areas of potential improvement
•  An opportunity for Vanderweil to listen to our clients and optimize a current design and positively influence future design commissions
•  An opportunity to partner with all clients in the evaluation of recently completed projects to enhance our A/E relationship